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Hector Lopez, MD, CSCS, FISSN

Dr. Lopez is a retired clinician, active pre-clinical/ human clinical researcher, early-stage investor, + board member to multiple companies in the broader Nutra-Biosciences/ Dietary Supplement/ Functional & Medical Foods space and Optimal Aging, Peak Performance, Biomedical & Healthcare sectors. Dr. Lopez is recognized for applying his diverse background in sports & human performance medicine, regenerative & longevity medicine, with post-graduate research training in endocrinology, molecular biology, exercise science, nutritional biochemistry and human clinical research. He has transitioned his focus from clinical medicine to nutra-biosciences, dietary supplements, functional foods and integrated healthspan & human performance biomedical technologies as a research scientist, IP-protected ingredient developer, safety & regulatory key opinion leader.

He is the CMO/ Co-Founder of Center for Applied Health Sciences, a leading CRO, and Co-Founder and CEO of JUVN3 Holdings, Ortho-Nutra, NutriMed Solutions, NPI Bio, and Supplement Safety Solutions-Nutravigilance.

He has 10+ years of experience in bioactive ingredient IP discovery (licensing 15+ patented & patent-pending), hit-to-lead translational studies from preclinical thru human clinical trials, regulatory compliance & commercial development for various categories: from brain health, cognitive & exercise performance, cardiovascular health, sports nutrition & recovery, biological mechanisms of healthy/ resilient aging, to microbiome/gut health, immune function & inflammation resolution, metabolic health/ MAFLD/NAFLD Liver health, joint and musculoskeletal health and nutricosmetics.

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    • Applied Nutritional Biochemistry
    • Dietary Supplement/Ingredient Innovation-Research-Safety
    • Exercise Science/ Fitness and Sports Medicine
    • Healthspan
    • Longevity
    • Optimal Aging
    • Personalized & Regenerative Medicine
    • Peak Human Performance Medicine

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